Real Estate

If you are looking to hire a hardworking and dedicated real estate professional in the greater New York City area who is committed to her profession and her clients, and will provide unsurpassed service, educated guidance and most importantly outstanding results, you can rely upon me for a full range of real estate products and services 

My unique approach to real estate is built upon personalized service and the latest technologies to exceed your expectations. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, invest in the real estate market, sell your home, rent your home, or simply need interior decorating assistance along with the individual attention and accessibility you deserve as a client  please contact me. I look forward to working with you.

Why You Should Choose Me

Trusted Advisor. I’ll walk you through the process and be aggressive – but caring – so we buy or sell quickly and in the most efficient manner.

Excellent Service. Expect top-notch education, professionalism and accessibility to whatever questions you may have along the way.

Market Knowledge. I have my finger on the pulse of all things real estate in the area. I know the average days on the market and comps for your desired or existing neighborhood.

Design Eye. During showings, I’ll point out potential investment opportunities so you see the true vision for the home. Plus, as a designer, we can continue working together for a seamless renovation experience.

Real Estate Tips

To get started, here are some quick tips for any residential home buyer or seller to help with a smooth real estate transaction.

Buyer Tips

Get Pre-qualified. Work with a local mortgage broker early in the process so that you are ready to make and offer and purchase when the opportunity arises. Telling the seller that you are pre-qualified can help when encountering bidding wars.

Be Prepared. Are you really ready to buy? Timing and financing are key to home buys right now. Be prepared to move when a desirable home comes onto the market.


Learn the Neighborhoods. Take time driving around the neighborhoods within your desired location. We can concentrate on your top five neighborhoods and I can begin grassroots marketing when needed to help you secure your number one location. Also, get to know service providers and schools assigned to that neighborhood.

Know Your Budget. The pre-qualification will also help determine your budget. This helps maximize your time with me so that we don’t look at properties outside the budget or negotiating reason.

Seller Tips

Know Your Bottom Line. Many home sells result to negotiations, and it’s important that I know about your bottom figure so that I help make the right recommendations. I’ll do everything in my power to achieve the most possible.

Learn About Comps. Your listing price is key to a quick and successful sell, and I want to make sure you achieve a 90% or higher (list to sell price). I’ll review your neighborhood comps with you and together we’ll price your home appropriately.

Stage Adequately. This is where I can help you immensely. Because I am also an interior decorator, I know how to properly set up your home so that it’s pleasing to the buyer’s eyes. From small decorating items like pillows and throws, to setting the ambience with candles, lights, music and fans, we’ll make sure your home is 100% desirable.

Make Necessary Investments. If you are aware of breaks, leaks, cosmetic and other small damages to the home, it can be less costly to fix them before listing the home. This will help the home show better and fewer items will show up during the home inspection (which means less bargaining chips for the buyer.

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