The TESLA Solar Roof Advantage

The TESLA Solar Roof Advantage

Homeowners have a lot of expenses to worry about. There are expenses from utilities and from home repairs. One of the major expenses that homeowners have to prepare for is replacing the roof on their house. However, TESLA now offers homeowners an option to replace their roof with a solar roof that will allow them to create an energy efficient house that lowers utility bills for the future.

A Little About TESLA

People used to know TESLA as the electric car company, however there image is changing. Back in November TESLA closed a deal that allowed them to acquire SolarCity. Later this year they will begin producing a solar roof. The company is serious about making the necessary changes in our daily lives that are needed for the continued enjoyment of our world. But they understand the disadvantages that solar panels had. Their mission is to, "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy." But, what does that mean for you as a homeowner?

The Advantages to a Solar Roof

A solar roof combines the design of a traditional roof with the advantages of solar energy. There are many advantages to installing a solar roof on your house

Solar Energy

The obvious advantage of a solar roof is the ability it offers you to take advantage of energy from the sun. TESLA has combined a solar roof with TESLA home batteries. These batteries collect and store energy from the sun throughout the day. Then, in the evening when the sun goes down your home's electric runs off the battery. There are battery options to meet your home's energy needs, whether you want the bare minimum, or electricity available throughout your entire house throughout the night.


Solar panels are tacky and typically stick out like a sore thumb on your roof or in your yard. However, when you install a TESLA solar roof you can choose from one of four beautiful designs. Instead of panels, each glass shingle has a color layer and solar cell under it. This allows you to get the benefit of solar energy with the look of a traditional roof. Options include:

  • Tuscan Glass - Similar to the look of a terra cotta roof
  • Slate Glass - Similar to the look of a slate shingle
  • Textured Glass - Similar to a standard roofing shingle
  • Smooth Glass - Provides a flat and sleek look


TESLA is working to provide a solar roof to homeowners that will cost the same or less than installing a traditional roof when you project the savings on utility bills. It used to be that you needed to install a traditional roof and then put solar panels up as well. A solar roof combines the two and eliminates your need to pay an electric bill. TESLA also offers financing options for homeowners to help them get started.


The glass tiles used on a solar roof will stand the test of time. Testing has been completed that show they are able to withstand more damage than a traditional roof, including hail impact up to 200 mph.

A TESLA solar roof is a great way for you to improve the value of your home!