Home Tech Tools

As homeowners and homemakers we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our spaces.  Sometimes we are knee deep in upgrading our home’s curb appeal and other times we are repainting the hall or replacing the outdated fan.  With technology ever on the rise and our lives busier than ever, upgrading your home’s intelligence might be the next home improvement project to tackle.  The essential goal of smart technology designed for the home is to create simplicity in our daily routines.  While technology can often clutter our brain space, there are some new tech features that may streamline our day.

It seems the easiest way to integrate smart technology into your home is to get a system that can monitor and run several aspects.  There are many on the market today that offer the homeowner the ability to have the command center of their home right on their mobile phone.  Have you ever wanted your coffee maker to know when to make your morning coffee for you?  Or do you wish you could start your dishwasher in the middle of the day or could see into your refrigerator for that item you forgot to put on your list?  All of these things and so many more are options now and many are quite affordable.  Most of the technology is controlled from a downloadable app that is synced to the existing technology in your home.

We all are juggling more than sometimes our brains can keep up with.  Smart technology in your home is designed to relieve some of that burden by removing the responsibility of menial tasks.  The goal is for you to program it once and forget about it.  In fact, most of the smart home technology is designed to learn your habits and adjust accordingly.

Besides “helpful” tech, like robots that sweep your floor and apps that can control the energy efficiency and temperature of your home, there are the ever essential secure technologies.  One of the most important things you as a homeowner can do is to protect your investment.  With smart technology you can watch over your home from anywhere in the world.  Smart doorbells allow you to answer your door when you are away from home while small cameras inside and outside your home can alert you of any activity while you are away.  You can have peace of mind knowing that no matter how busy your morning was trying to get out the door, if you forgot to close your garage, you can do that from your phone while you sit in traffic.

All of these inventions are amazing and have the rare potential to actually make our lives easier.  But before you invest in creating a smart home, you must create a plan for security.  The only pitfall that consumers can fall into is not protecting these upgrades from eager and able hackers.  If your things are online and you are online, you must come to grips with the fact that thieves are there too.  If you go smart, be smart and get a protection plan in place!

We all desire for our lives to be more streamlined and our homes to be enjoyable and restful.  Smart technology for the home has the potential to take that once unattainable desire and turn it into a reality.  With an online protection plan in place, we can sit back and enjoy our morning cup of coffee, confident that our smart home will make sure we leave on time and lock the door behind us.