With the Fourth of July in a few days all our patriotic feelings are being rekindled like those little sparklers we carried around as kids while we listened to the band play the USA’s birthday songs. So in honor of all those feelings it’s time to rethink Americana decor. Unfortunately it has become synonymous with cutesy clutter but with the surge of minimalism and natural elements as the design themes, it might be that Americana could have a modern come back that we can’t resist.

When considering adding some patriotic flare to your decor scheme you really can’t go wrong with bright whites and lots of light as the canvas. If you have a wide, sunlit hallway it would be stunning to simply hang Old Glory on the wall. If it’s a large flag, the key would be to hang it solo so the space doesn’t become overbearing and cluttered.

Another great option would be to make a vintage American themed gallery style collage on a wall behind your breakfast table. Combine vintage black and white photos of American cities with a faded framed smaller flag and perhaps some other classic American symbols. Local thrift stores and vintage stores are full of photographs and prints from the different eras of American life. Another great place to find American treasures is at estate sales. You can get amazing pieces at amazing prices.

If you have a small space, the best way to add American themed elements will be to keep it in small doses. Stick to the natural and minimalist approach with furniture and decor. With touches of green from well placed house plants and as much natural light as possible, you can maximize the feeling of your space. Try adding some throw pillows to your bed or couch in the vintage muted red, white and blue. A gallery collage can work in small spaces too but include a lot of mirrors in the collage to reflect any natural light and keep the space feeling open.

If you aren’t sure what you want on your wall or what style of Americana decor will best fit your needs, there are a lot of great free printables online that you can browse through and then print and frame. If you have some old frames or even an old framed window lying around in the garage or basement, why not make a Fourth of July project out of them with some great patriotic graphic art? You will have fun, up-cycle your forgotten frames and create a great new Americana decor for your home!

Americana can be revived in a great way when we combine our love for modern and fresh with our deep connection to our roots. It’s a great opportunity to be creative and find a style that works for whatever space you have.