If you have recently purchased a home, you probably went through the agonizing process of choosing paint colors, acquiring just the right furniture, getting it all moved in and in just the right place, decorating and hanging pictures and art or maybe even doing some remodeling to your new home. All of those things can be costly and fatiguing if not downright painful. So here is some great news! When it comes to adding some green to your new space, nothing could be more simple than the adorable succulents.

The extremely affordable little dessert plant boasts easy care, creative containers, decor neutrality and understated presence. They very well might be the perfect house plant! Succulents are easy to care for but they are temperamental with their soil conditions. Basically if you forget to water your plants, succulents are perfect for you. They are similar to cacti in that they really don't need much water. So if you are a busy mom or you’re at the office a lot or you just don’t remember the plants in your life, then succulents will be a welcome addition to your home. Here are a few tips to remember to make it the perfect relationship.

First, make sure that no matter what container you place your succulent in, that the soil is well drained. If you are going to use a container that does not have drainage holes, that’s no problem, just place a half inch layer of rocks on the bottom and then cover with a soil/sand mixture before adding your succulents. Otherwise, choose a container with holes so that the moisture can easily drain off or choose terra cotta or ceramics that allow for moisture evaporation. Secondly, only water your succulents when the soil is completely dry, no more than every 2-3 weeks. If the leaves start to get yellowed or squishy, you are watering too much. Conversely, if you see it start to shrivel and dry out, you need to give it water more frequently. Next, make sure your indoor succulents are in a well lit area of your home. These tiny plants make a great addition to a kitchen window sill or on a bookcase under your living room window. Scope out the most sun lit areas of your new home and see how the space could be improved with these dessert beauties. They will need about 6 hours of sunlight per day. However, make sure that they are not so exposed that the leaves get scorched.

From a design and decorative standpoint, the sky is the limit. What’s great about succulents is that they are design neutral. They go well with any style. If you have a modern, edgy design theme, these plants will look amazing in a concrete container or a geometric metallic container. If your style is a muted minimalism, succulents would look great in terra cotta pots or even a hollowed out log placed across the dining table. Or perhaps you enjoy a more elegant and floral style. You will love these easy to grow plants in tiny gold vases or porcelain tea cups from your favorite antique store. If Bohemian, eclectic is more your style, try planting the tiniest of these plants in leftover wine corks. Simply cut out the center of the cork, fill with sandy soil and plant the tiniest succulents. Add a small magnet on the back with hot glue and line your refrigerator with precious plants.

These plants don't need much space and can actually be propagated with a little bit of patience. Start with a few succulents to see how you like them and if you decide you want more, simple pull off a few of the leaves at the stem and lay them out to dry for about 3 days. After they have had time to dry, lay them on top of slightly moist, sandy soil. Place them in a sunny area but not in direct sunlight. Mist the soil a couple of times a week. New plants will grow from these leaves within a month or two. When they are developed, transfer them to a container and add them to your decor.

Succulents are fun, stylish and are a great way to add some touches of green (and other colors!) to your life. Pick some up at your local garden or hardware store and get creative with the containers. You will love how these perfect plants look in your home!