2016 Design Trends

You’ve done all the hard work of buying a house and moving and now it’s time to consider designing and decorating your new space. Or maybe you are preparing to sell your house but you want to give it a fresh update to take it to the top of the competition.  Perhaps you are just ready to make your current home feel like a new home!  Regardless of the situation, you will be wise to begin to incorporate what is on trend this year.  Updating to the hottest designs will appeal to the buyers who are quick to pay for what’s new. Plus, with these design trends, why wouldn’t you want to?  

The overall theme of design and decor for 2016 is luxe and soft in a minimalistic, natural element that embraces metallics, fabrics and florals.  

  • The color of the year for 2016 is twofold!  Both Rose Quartz and the soft blue Serenity will be given ample time in the spotlight of the design world.  What’s great about these colors is that they are pale and understated and create a calming backdrop for the ultra-Scandinavian and minimalistic approach to furniture.  With our lives full of busy distractions and onslaughts of media, the goal of the design community is to bring quiet peaceful places of rest to the home.
  • The minimalistic Scandinavian look is easy to come by.  Look for furniture that mixes natural elements like wood, cork and marble with clean modern lines.  De-clutter that room to make it visually serene by incorporating understated storage elements like crates and totes tucked under tables and bookshelves.  Rustic, elemental items will fit well into this look.  
  • Luxury items are going small as well.  Instead of grand and bold, items like marble and decadent fabrics are showing up as little touches, like a throw pillow or side table or a vase.  Gold accents will complement the soft color palettes.
  • The formal dining room is making a strong come back with people realizing that relationships are on the brink of starvation with social media controlling our every move.  The formal dining room, as well as formal dining elements once forgotten, is an attempt to gather us all at the table for a special meal to talk, sit and muse at the world.  
  • In the same vein, tech-less living rooms are being favored over the once TV focused atmosphere.  With much of society watching on hand held devices, the TV can take a back seat to the living rooms statement furniture with it’s sleek lines and textured textiles.  You are even going to find a resurgence of floral furniture to sit prettily in front of your pale pink living room wall.  The new media void living room will invite conversation, relaxation and rest.
  • In the kitchen, we can now welcome mixed metals, mixed cabinetry (natural wood on the upper and soft grey on the bottom, perhaps?) and colored stainless steel appliances, like the matte black or copper.  Eclectic and minimalist design can be embraced with open shelving and a more visually clean space.
  • While Pantone chose two soft pastel hues, the other color moguls declared their color of the year to be white.  Just white.  Can you blame them when it invites such bright and calm and peace to a room?  You can’t paint your entire interior rose quartz so putting a lot of white throughout will give you the freedom to embrace those luxe items as well as floral and bright geometric textiles as accents. 
  • Lastly, in the bathroom, look at the option to take it from a solely functional space to a more inviting living space.  Furniture such as cabinets and even comfy chairs are acceptable if you have the room for them.  Statement mirrors are taking the place of traditional square and medicine cabinets.  Experiment with different metals and shapes as well as hanging fixtures.  Geometric tiles will give your bathroom a very now feel.

With this year’s design trends, it’s easy to see that we are craving calm away from the busy storms of life.  Incorporating these elements into your home will benefit you now and will benefit your wallet when it comes time to sell.