5 Reasons Why Your House isn’t Selling

5 Reasons Why Your House isn’t Selling


When you put your house on the market, chances are you were hoping for a quick sale. It can be very frustrating when your house has been listed for longer than you had expected without an offer. 


Priced too high – One of the main reasons that homes sit on the market is that they are overpriced.  Sometimes this is a result of sellers being emotionally connected to their homes. It is important to remember that potential buyers are not purchasing memories, they are only looking at the physical property and if it is a good fit for them. Do not let emotions factor in to the asking price you establish for your home. 

It is important when establishing an asking price for your home to look at local comps. Knowing what other similar homes in your area have recently sold for can help you to establish a price that buyers are willing to pay for your house. 


You haven’t staged it - There are stats upon stats that prove the importance of home staging. When you combine the facts together, the bottom line is – the average staged home sells faster and for more money than un-staged homes. The majority of home sellers find the cost of hiring a stager more than pays for itself in the end. However, if you are looking for some DIY ideas try these:

    •    Get rid of the clutter – Buyers want to see the house, not all of your belongings. Get a head start on moving and pack up the items that you will not need while your house is on the market and that won’t help buyers make an offer. 

    •    Clean – Every square inch of your house should be cleaned and showing ready before the listing pictures are taken.

    •    Draw their focus – Decorate your house and arrange your furniture to highlight the focal points of a room. For example, instead of facing all of your furniture toward the television, arrange it around the fireplace with the beautiful mantel. 


You need new photographs – The majority of home buyers are searching online now. This means that they are making a decision on your house before the even see it in person. If your listing pictures are subpar you might be turning buyers off. The right angles and lighting can be key in showcasing your house to entice buyers. 


Your house needs some TLC Most buyers are looking for a house that is move-in ready. If your house is in need of a lot of repairs and upgrades, it can save you money to do the work before selling. Buyers tend to overestimate the cost of repairs, which will lower the price of the offers you are receiving. 


Poor Curb Appeal – What you show buyers on the outside sets the standard for what they expect on the inside. If your yard and exterior look run down and neglected, buyers will assume the inside looks the same way. Clean up your yard, paint your front door, have proper lighting, and add some simple landscaping to entice buyers in the front door. 


If your house has been sitting on the market take the time to look at your listing and walk through your house looking through the eyes of a buyer. Seeing your house the way they are seeing it will help you to find what is stopping them from making an offer.