How to Decorate Without Risking Your Security Deposit

Renting an apartment or house can come with many great advantages, however some renters feel frustrated by all the rules they have to follow when it comes to decorating. Many landlords do not want renters to paint walls or hang anything on the wall that is going to leave holes. These rules can seem incredibly restrictive, however there are many options remaining for renters to personalize and decorate their space without risking losing their security deposits. 


3M Command Strips (hooks) – You can use these strips for decorating in a number of ways. If you have never used them before, they are plastic or metal hooks that have an adhesive on the back that sticks on your wall. When you are ready to remove them, you pull on the tab on the bottom of the adhesive and it releases from your wall. They come in a variety of sizes and you can use them to hang pictures, coffee cups, wreaths, or just about anything. These can be used over and over by purchasing additional adhesive. My favorite use of these is to hang my family’s Christmas stockings since we don’t have a mantel. 


Velcro Command Strips – These are exactly like the strips mentioned above, except they are just Velcro strips. They can be used to hang pictures or other items on the wall or another favorite use of them is to keep your chair cushions in place. 


Wall Decals – These are a great way to personalize your rental space without damaging your wall. You can purchase images or your favorite quote or scripture as a wall decal; simply stick it on your wall and peel off when you are ready to move out. There are many online stores where you can purchase personalized decals to turn your rental space into a home. 


Removable Wallpaper – If you aren’t allowed to paint the walls in your rental unit a great way to add some color and design is with removable wall paper. Whether you only want to do a small area or an entire room, removable wallpaper allows you to personalize your rooms and easily remove it before you move out. Another option is to purchase a fabric pattern that you like and use fabric starch to stick it to your wall. 


Removable Photo Collage – Sites like allow you to have your personal photos turned into a collage on removable wallpaper. You can easily customize your wall space with images of your family and friends without risking damage to your wall. 


Add Color How You Can – If you are leaving your walls a neutral color add pops of color with your décor. Colorful rugs, curtains, lampshades and pillows can really enhance your room. Try painting the furniture that you own to create the look that you are after in your space. 


Does this have your creative juices flowing? Don’t allow your rental restrictions to stop you for decorating and personalizing your space. Use these tips to make your rental feel like home.